• (British)
    • IPA: /ˈæənt/
  • (America)
    • enPR: ăf'lo͞o-ənt, IPA: /ˈæfluːənt/
    • enPR ă-flo͞o'ənt, IPA: /æˈfluːənt/, /əˈfluːənt/

affluent (plural affluents)

  1. Somebody who is wealthy.
    • 1994, Philip D. Cooper, Health care marketing: a foundation for managed quality (page 183)
      The affluents are most similar to the professional want-it-alls in their reasons for preferring specific hospitals and in their demographic characteristics.
  2. A stream or river flowing into a larger river or into a lake; a tributary stream; a tributary.
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  • French: richard
  • German: Reicher, Geldsack (pejorative)
  • Russian: бога́ч
  • Spanish: ricachón (pejorative)


  1. Abundant; copious; plenteous.
    • language […] affluent in expression
  2. (by extension) Abounding in goods or riches; having a moderate level of material wealth.
    They were affluent, but aspired to true wealth.
    The Upper East Side ↗ is an affluent neighborhood in New York City.
  3. (dated) Tributary.
  4. (obsolete) Flowing to; flowing abundantly.
    • affluent blood
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