alderman (plural aldermen)

  1. A member of a municipal legislative body in a city or town.
  2. (UK, historical, obsolete slang) A half-crown coin; its value, 30 pence.
    • 1859, J.C. Hotten, A Dictionary of Modern Slang, Cant, and Vulgar Words
      Half-a-crown is known as an smallcaps alderman, smallcaps half a bull, smallcaps half a tusheroon, and a smallcaps madza caroon; whilst a crown piece, or five shillings, may be called either a smallcaps bull, or a smallcaps caroon, or a smallcaps cartwheel, or a smallcaps coachwheel, or a smallcaps thick-un, or a smallcaps tusheroon.
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  1. Surname

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