• IPA: /ˌæl.fə.n(j)uːˈmɛ.ɹɪk/

alphanumeric (not comparable)

  1. Consisting of, or limited to, letters and/or numbers, especially the characters A to Z (lowercase and uppercase) and 0 to 9.
  2. Consisting of these characters plus punctuation and other special characters.
    • 2005, Bali, 2000 Solved Problems in Digital Electronics, Tata McGraw-Hill Education (ISBN 9780070588318), page 36
      Therefore, we need a special code to represent all alphanumeric data (letters, symbols, and numbers).
Translations Noun

alphanumeric (plural alphanumerics)

  1. An alphanumeric character.
    • 2014, Pierre M. Nugues, Language Processing with Perl and Prolog: Theories, Implementation, and Application, Springer (ISBN 9783642414640), page 268
      Finally, alphanumerics are digits, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, or accented letters […]
  • alnum

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