1. (nautical) A harbor, river, or offshore area that can accommodate a ship at anchor, either for quarantine, queuing, or discharge..
  2. (nautical) A fee charged for anchoring.
  3. That into which something is anchored or fastened.
    the anchorages of the Brooklyn Bridge
  4. (medicine) The surgical fixation of prolapsed organs.
  5. The act of anchoring, or the condition of lying at anchor.
    • 1866, Augusta Webster (transl.), The Prometheus Bound of Æschylus, page 66, lines 1001–1002
      And yet 'twas by such braggart vaunts as these
      Thou broughtst thee to this woeful anchorage.
  6. The set of anchors belonging to a ship.
  7. The retreat of a hermit, or anchorite.
  8. (figurative) Something on which one may depend for security; ground of trust.
Translations Translations
  • Portuguese: ancoragem
  • Spanish: anclaje
  • Russian: опо́ра

  • IPA: /ˈæŋ.kə.ɹɪdʒ/
Proper noun
  1. A large coastal city in Alaska.
  • German: Anchorage
  • Portuguese: Anchorage
  • Russian: А́нкоридж

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