angle bracket

angle bracket (plural angle brackets)

  1. Any of a number of angle-shaped brackets.
    1. (computing) Either of the inequality signs < and >, when used as brackets in markup languages like HTML.
    2. (typography, mathematics) Either of a pair of symbols, ⟨ ⟩, used to enclose text in various technical contexts, and in mathematical formulas to denote an interval or a continuous parameter.
    3. (typography) Either of a pair of symbols, 〈 〉, used in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean punctuation.
    4. (terminology) Either of a pair of symbols, 〈 〉, used to enclose the name of the domain in which a concept and a term is used.
  • (computing) wicket
  • (Typographic and mathematical symbols) chevrons
  • French: chevron
  • German: spitze Klammer
  • Italian: parentesi angolare, parentesi angolata
  • Portuguese: parênteses angulares
  • Russian: углова́я ско́бка
  • Spanish: corchete angular or paréntesis angular

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