• Adjective:
    • enPR ăn'ĭmət, IPA: /ˈæ.nɪ.mət/, /ˈæ.nə.mət/
  • Verb:
    • enPR ăn'ĭmāt IPA: /ˈæ.nɪ.meɪt/, /ˈæ.nə.meɪt/


  1. That which lives.
  2. Possessing the quality or ability of motion.
  3. Dynamic, energetic.
    She is an engaging and animate speaker.
  4. (grammar, of a noun or pronoun) Having a referent that includes a human, animal, plant or other entity which is considered alive.
    Nouns can be singular or plural, and one of two genders, animate or inanimate.
  5. (grammar) Inflected to agree with an animate noun or pronoun.
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animate (animates, present participle animating; past and past participle animated)

  1. (transitive) To impart motion or the appearance of motion to.
    If we animate the model, we can see the complexity of the action.
  2. (transitive) To give spirit or vigour to; to stimulate or enliven; to inspirit.
    • The more to animate the people, he stood on high […] and cried unto them with a loud voice.
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