• IPA: /əˈniːl/

anneal (anneals, present participle annealing; past and past participle annealed)

  1. (metallurgy) To subject#Verb|subject to great heat and then (often slow) cooling, and sometimes reheating and further cooling, for the purpose of render#Verb|rendering less brittle; to temper; to toughen.
  2. To cool glass slowly, to minimize internal stress.
  3. (archaic) To burn colors onto a glass or other surface.
  4. (genetics, ambitransitive) To make a double-stranded nucleic acid by pairing a single strand with a complementary strand.
  5. (figurative, archaic or poetic) To strengthen or harden.
    The experience annealed them, strengthening their resolve.
Synonyms Translations
  • French: recuire
  • German: ausglühen, tempern, anlassen, spannungsfrei glühen, spannungsfrei machen, vergüten
  • Portuguese: recozer
  • Russian: отжига́ть
  • Spanish: recocer, templar
Translations Noun

anneal (plural anneals)

  1. (chemistry, metallurgy) An act of annealing.

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