• (America) enPR: ə-nouns', IPA: /əˈnaʊns/
  • (British) enPR: ə-nouns', IPA: /əˈnaʊns/; enPR: ă'nouns, IPA: /ˈæ.naʊns/

announce (announces, present participle announcing; past and past participle announced)

  1. (transitive) to give public notice, especially for the first time; to make known
    • c. 1780 William Gilpin (priest), Observations, Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, Made in the Year 1776, on Several Parts of Great Britain
      Her [Queen Elizabeth’s] arrival was announced through the country by a peal of cannon from the ramparts.
    Synonyms: proclaim, publish, make known, herald, declare, promulgate
  2. (transitive) to pronounce; to declare by judicial sentence
    • c. 1718, Matthew Prior, First Hymn of Callimachus
      Publish laws, announce / Or life or death.
    Synonyms: abjudicate, judge
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