antiblue (not comparable)

  1. (particle physics) Describing one of the three possible colours of an antiquark, corresponding to blue in a quark.
    • 2016, Gavin Hesketh, The Particle Zoo:
      For example, the tetraquark can split up into a red antired meson and a blue antiblue meson.
  2. (US, colloquial) Anti-police.
    • 2003, Fred Miller, Ocean City:
      Anyone who allowed banned activities to take place on his owned or rented property faced police citations and fines. It took only two years, however, for anti-blue law sentiment to arise, and various exceptions to the original ordinance were passed […].
    • 2017, David Friend, The Naughty Nineties:
      Time Warner […] was also home to Ice-T, whose “Cop Killer” was pointedly and recklessly antiblue in the wake of the 1992 L.A. riots, even if the track had been intended as a statement against police brutality—a generation before the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • French: antibleu
  • Italian: antiblu
  • Portuguese: antiazul

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