• IPA: /əˈpɒl.ə.dʒi/

apology (plural apologies)

  1. An expression of remorse or regret for having said or done something that harmed another: an instance of apologizing (saying that one is sorry).
    What he said really hurt my feelings, but his apology sounded so sincere that I couldn't help but forgive him.
    The CEO made a public apology for the scandal, and promised full cooperation with the authorities.
  2. A formal justification, defence.
    The Apology of Socrates.
    Synonyms: apologia
  3. Anything provided as a substitute; a makeshift.
    a poor apology for a hotel room
    • 1852 March – 1853 September, Charles Dickens, chapter 20, in Bleak House, London: Bradbury and Evans, […], published 1853, OCLC 999756093 ↗:
      [He] goes to work devising apologies for window curtains.
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