• (British) IPA: /əˌpɒθ.iːˈəʊ.sɪs/
  • (America) IPA: /əˌpɑː.θiˈoʊ.sɪs/


  1. The fact or action of becoming or making into a god; deification.
    Synonyms: deification
    • 1986, SRF Price, Rituals and Power, p. 75:
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    • 2002, CE Newlands, Statius' Silvae and the Politics of Empire, p. 176:
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  2. Glorification, exaltation; crediting someone or something with extraordinary power or status.
    Synonyms: exaltation, glorification
    The turn of the century saw the apotheosis of digital technology.
    • 1974, Per Lord Hailsham, Smedleys Ltd v Breed [1974]2 All ER 21(HL) at 24:
      quote en
  3. A glorified example or ideal; the apex or pinnacle (of a concept or belief).
    Synonyms: apex, paragon
    • 1925, William Carlos Williams, 'Edgar Allan Poe', In The American Grain, 1990, p. 232:
      quote en
  4. The best moment or highest point in the development of something, for example of a life or career; the apex, culmination, or climax (of a development).
    Synonyms: apex, climax, culmination, peak, pinnacle
    The apotheosis of her career was her appointment as chairman.
  5. (loosely) Release from earthly life, ascension to heaven; death.
    Synonyms: death
    • 1851, Herman Melville, Moby-Dick:
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  6. (psychology) The latent entity that mediates between a person's psyche and their thoughts. The id, ego and superego in Freudian Psychology are examples of this.
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  • Russian: вознесе́ние

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