• (British) IPA: /əˈpaɹəntli/
  • (America) IPA: /əˈpæɹ.ɨ


  1. (archaic) Plainly; clearly; manifestly; evidently.
    Synonyms: obviously, plainly, clearly, evidently, visibly, Thesaurus:obviously
    • One, my lord, that doth so palpably, so apparently make her adulteries a trophy, whiles the poting-stick to her unsatiate goatish abomination jeers at, and flouts your sleepish, and more than sleepish, security.
  2. Seemingly; in appearance only.
    Synonyms: ostensibly, seemingly, Thesaurus:ostensibly
    A man may be apparently friendly, yet malicious in heart.
  3. According to what the speaker has read or heard.
    Synonyms: allegedly, reportedly
    Apparently you are quite a good dancer.
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