• (GA) IPA: /ɑɹˈkeɪn/


  1. Understood by only a few.
    Synonyms: esoteric
    Antonyms: mundane
    arcane rituals
  2. (by extension) Obscure, mysterious.
    Synonyms: enigmatic, esoteric, recondite, clandestine
    arcane origins
    arcane details
  3. Requiring secret or mysterious knowledge to understand.
    • 1997: Chris Horrocks, Introducing Foucault, page 67, The Renaissance Episteme (Totem Books, Icon Books; ISBN 1840460865
      A “signature” was placed on all things by God to indicate their affinities — but it was hidden, hence the search for arcane knowledge. Knowing was guessing and interpreting, not observing or demonstrating.
  4. Extremely old (i.e interpretation or knowledge), and possibly irrelevant.
    An arcane law

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