• (RP) IPA: /ˈɑːdʒənt/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈɑɹdʒənt/


  1. (archaic) The metal silver.
  2. (tincture) The white or silver tincture on a coat of arms.
    • 1909, Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, A Complete Guide to Heraldry
      The metals are gold and silver, these being termed "or" and "argent".
  3. (obsolete, poetic) Whiteness; anything that is white.
    • ?, Alfred Tennyson, A Dream of Fair Women
      The polish'd argent of her breast.
Translations Adjective

argent (not comparable)

  1. Of silver or silver-coloured.
    • 1733, [Alexander Pope], An Essay on Man. […], epistle I, London: Printed for J[ohn] Wilford, […], OCLC 960856019 ↗, lines 49–50, page 5 ↗:
      Or ask of yonder argent fields above, / Why {{smallcaps
  2. (tincture): of white or silver tincture on a coat of arms.
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  • Ag (chemical symbol for silver)

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