• IPA: /əˈsɛnt/


  1. The act of ascending; a motion upwards.
    He made a tedious ascent of Mont Blanc.
  2. The way or means by which one ascends.
    There is a difficult northern ascent from Malaucene of Mont Ventoux.
  3. An eminence, hill, or high place.
  4. The degree of elevation of an object, or the angle it makes with a horizontal line; inclination; rising grade.
    The road has an ascent of 5 degrees.
  5. (typography) The ascender height in a typeface.
  6. An increase, for example in popularity or hierarchy
    • 22 March 2012, Scott Tobias, AV Club The Hunger Games[,71293/]
      That such a safe adaptation could come of The Hunger Games speaks more to the trilogy’s commercial ascent than the book’s actual content, which is audacious and savvy in its dark calculations.
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