aspirated h
  • IPA: /ˈæspəɹeɪtəd eɪtʃ/

aspirated h

  1. (linguistics) In the French language, usage of the letter h at the start of a word which does not allow liaison with a preceding consonant or elision of a preceding schwa.
    The French word héros ("hero") begins with an aspirated h. Consequently we say le héros /lə e.ʁo/ and les héros /le e.ʁo/, but never /l‿e.ʁo/ and /le‿ze.ʁo/ as we do with the mute h.
Synonyms Antonyms Translations
  • French: h aspiré
  • Italian: h aspirata
  • Portuguese: h aspirado
  • Russian: придыха́тельное аш
  • Spanish: h aspirada, hache aspirada

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