at the same time
Prepositional phrase
  1. Simultaneously.
    Synonyms: at a time, at one time, simultaneously, together, therewhile, Thesaurus:simultaneously
    Antonyms: individually, one at a time, separately
    • 1749, [John Cleland], “(Please specify the letter or volume)”, in Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure [Fanny Hill], London: Printed [by Thomas Parker] for G. Fenton [i.e., Fenton and Ralph Griffiths] […], OCLC 731622352 ↗:
      I bid him come towards me and give me his letter, at the same time throwing down, carelessly, a book I had in my hands.
  2. On the other hand (introducing an opposing viewpoint).
    Synonyms: conversely, on the other hand, then again
    Antonyms: additionally, likewise, similarly
Translations Translations
  • French: d'un autre côté
  • German: andererseits
  • Portuguese: por outro lado, ao contrário
  • Russian: в то́ же вре́мя

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