• IPA: /ˈeɪθiɪst/

atheist (plural atheists)

  1. A person who does not believe in deities.
    1. (narrowly) A person who believes that no deities exist (especially).
    2. (broadly) A person who rejects belief that any deities exist (whether or not that person believes that deities do not exist).
    3. (loosely) A person who has no belief in any deities, such as a person who has no concept of deities.
  2. (uncommon) A person who does not believe in a particular deity (or any deity in a particular pantheon), notwithstanding that they may believe in another deity.
    • Throughout history, atheists were simply people who did not believe the prevalent God of the day. For the sun-worshippers, Christians were atheists. For Jewish people, Christians were atheists. Whoever does not believe in your God is by definition, an atheist. […] With all the countless Gods concocted by man, I claim that my Christian friends and I have something in common. We are all atheists, I just believe in one less God than they.
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  1. Of or relating to atheists or atheism; atheistic.
    • circa 16th-17th century Francis Bacon, Of Unity in Religion,
      He would have been seven times more Epicure and atheist than he was.

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