1. Containing or producing gold; gold-bearing
    • whence many a bursting stream auriferous plays
    • 1854, Carl Friedrich Plattner, ‎Sheridan Muspratt, The Use of the Blowpipe in the Qualitative and Quantitative Examination of Minerals, Ores, Furnace Products, and Other Metallic Combinations
      To these [compounds] belong native gold, alloys of gold and silver, and the argentiferous gold, or auriferous silver, obtained from the assayings of auriferous minerals and ores.
    • 1887, R. A. Murray, Victoria. Geology and Physical Geography (page 126)
      In some places, however, quartz reefs, payably auriferous while in Silurian rock, have been followed down to subjacent granite, and have there been found to thin out and become unprofitable […]
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