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babe (plural babes)

  1. (literary or poetic) A baby or infant; a very young human or animal.
    These events came to pass when he was but a babe.
  2. (slang) An attractive person, especially a young woman.
    She's a real babe!
  3. (affectionate) Darling term of endearment.
    Hey, babe, how's about you and me getting together?
Synonyms Related terms Translations
  • German: Puppe qual female person
  • Portuguese: gata (informal), miúda (informal, Portugal)
  • Russian: мила́шка

Proper noun
  1. A male given name or nickname
    • 2006, David C. King, Have Fun with American Heroes, Jossey-Bass, page 77:
      Ruth was called “Babe” because of his youth (and baby face) when he signed with the Boston Red Sox in 1914 at age nineteen. He was also called “Bambino”—Italian for baby.

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