back door

back door (plural back doors)

  1. A subsidiary entrance to a building or house at its rear, normally away from the street.
  2. A means of access, often secret and unprotected, to something.
  3. (computer security) A secret means of access to a program or system.
  4. (automotive) A rear side door of a car, or at the back of a van.
  5. (slang) The anus, generally used in reference to anal sex.
  6. (golf, informal) The rear side of the hole, furthest from the golfer.
    • 2010, Bob Glanville, Golf: The Game of Lessening Failures (page 14)
      Sometimes the ball will curve around and enter from the back-door.
Antonyms Translations
  • German: Hintertür
  • Italian: porta di dietro, porta di servizio, porta sul retro
  • Portuguese: porta dos fundos, porta traseira, porta de trás, porta do cavalo (informally)
  • Spanish: puerta trasera, puerta de atrás
Translations Translations
  • Portuguese: backdoor
  • Portuguese: porta traseira, porta de trás

back door (not comparable)

  1. (US, baseball) The path of a pitch which starts outside and then slides over the plate.
    He has a nasty back door slider.
  2. Achieved through indirect means.
Related terms
  • back door slider

back door (back doors, present participle back dooring; past and past participle back doored)

  1. To attempt to accomplish by indirect means, especially when direct means are proscribed.
  2. (surfing) To enter a tube by accelerating from behind; to surf into an already formed hollow wave, in contrast to the normal method of slowing to allow a surfable wave to form.
    • 1999, Mark Warren, Mark Warren's Atlas of Australian Surfing, traveller's edition 1999, ISBN 0-7322-6731-5, page 103
      If you survive the heavy take-off at 'The Chair' (which is very close to the rocks) you will find you're in 'The Suck-up', which offers either a spectacular barrel or a bonecrunching wipeout, but you might find you have to back door it.
  • Italian: ottenere per vie traverse

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