Pronunciation Noun

bacon (uncountable)

  1. cure#Verb|Cured meat from the sides, belly or back of a pig.
  2. Thin slices of the above in long strips.
  3. (slang, derogatory) The police or spies.
    Run! It's the bacon!
  4. (cycling, slang) Road rash.
Synonyms Related terms Translations
  • French: lard, lardon
  • German: Speck
  • Italian: pancetta
  • Portuguese: toucinho defumado, bacon
  • Russian: беко́н
  • Spanish: tocino, (Cuba) beicon m, (Colombia) tocineta f, (Argentina) panceta ahumada f, bacón
  • IPA: /ˈbeɪ.kən/
Proper noun
  1. Surname
  • Russian: Бэ́кон

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