• IPA: /ˈbændɪt/

bandit (plural bandits)

  1. One who robs others in a lawless area, especially as part of a group.
  2. An outlaw.
  3. One who cheats others.
  4. (military) An enemy aircraft.
  5. (sports, slang) A runner who covertly joins a race without having registered as a participant.
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bandit (bandits, present participle banditing; past and past participle bandited)

  1. (ambitransitive) To rob, or steal from, in the manner of a bandit.
    • 1921, Munsey's Magazine (volume 74, page 38)
      First, she read the bandit news in the paper, and was rather disappointed to learn that her man had evidently taken a night off from banditing. An imitator of the bandit had made an unsuccessful attempt to hold up a drug-store, and had backed out and run when the nervy proprietor reached for a gun; but that was all.
    • 1937, The Atlantic Monthly (volume 160, page 7)
      As the sanctuary was bandited at least once, it may be that the silver wine cups I have are from the treasure.

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