• IPA: /ˈbæŋ(ɡ)ə(ɹ)/

banger (plural bangers)

  1. A thing or person which bangs, in any sense.
  2. (British): A firework that makes a bang.
  3. (British, slang) A woman's breast.
  4. (British, NZ, Australia, slang) A sausage.
    bangers and mash
  5. (slang) An old, worn-out car.
  6. (US, slang) A cylinder in a car.
    He drives a little four-banger to work.
  7. (US, slang) A member of a gang; a gangbanger.
    • 2011, Jeff Change, Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation (page 420)
      Just as the gang peace movement desired to mainstream hardcore bangers into civic society, The Chronic wanted to drive hardcore rap into the popstream.
  8. (British, slang) A powerfully energetic piece of music, especially dance music.
    • 2008, Billboard (volume 120, number 32, page 44)
      Morris' melding of influences ranging from mid-'80s computer technology to Baltimore club bangers to the U.K. rave scene has cemented his reputation as one of London's most formidable DJs.
    • 2012, Mike Skinner, The Story of The Streets (page 31)
      'lce Ice Baby' was an absolute banger, though, wasn't it? And knowing the history of that song, it had proper rap credentials.
  9. (slang, by extension) Any particularly good or pleasing thing.
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