• (British) IPA: /bɑː(ɹ).ˈbɛə.ɹi.ən/
  • (America) IPA: /bɑɹ.ˈbɛəɹ.i.ən/

barbarian (not comparable)

  1. Relating to people, countries or customs perceived as uncivilized or inferior.
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barbarian (plural barbarians)

  1. (historical) A non-Greek or a non-Roman.
  2. An uncivilized or uncultured person, originally compared to the hellenistic Greco-Roman civilisation; often associated with fighting or other such shows of strength.
  3. (derogatory) Someone from a developing country or backward culture.
  4. A warrior, clad in fur or leather, associated with sword and sorcery stories.
  5. (derogatory) A person destitute of culture; a Philistine.
  6. A cruel, savage, brutal person; one without pity or humanity.
    • Thou fell barbarian.
  7. (derogatory) A foreigner, especially with barbaric qualities as in the above definitions.
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