• (RP) enPR: bătʹŏn, IPA: /ˈbætɒn/
  • (America) enPR: bətänʹ, IPA: /bəˈtɑn/

baton (plural batons)

  1. A staff or truncheon, used for various purposes
    the baton of a field marshal
  2. (music) The stick of a conductor in musical performances.
  3. (sports) An object transferred by runners in a relay race.
  4. (US) A short stout club used primarily by policemen; a truncheon (UK).
    Synonyms: billy club, nightstick
  5. (heraldiccharge) An abatement in coats of arms to denote illegitimacy. (Also spelled batune, baston).
  6. (heraldiccharge) A riband with the ends cut off, resembling a baton, as shown on a coat of arms.
  7. A short vertical lightweight post, not set into the ground, used to separate wires in a fence.
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baton (batons, present participle batoning; past and past participle batoned)

  1. To strike with a baton.
  • French: frapper avec un bâton

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