bedew (bedews, present participle bedewing; past and past participle bedewed)

  1. (transitive) To make wet with or as if with dew.
    • 1885, Gilbert & Sullivan, The Mikado:
      While sympathetic tears
      My cheeks bedew
    • 1836, Eliza Cook, "The Old Armchair"
      I LOVE it, I love it ; and who shall dare
      To chide me for loving that old Arm-chair ?
      I've treasured it long as a sainted prize ;
      I've bedewed it with tears, and embalmed it with sighs.
    • 1831, Mary Shelley, Frankenstein:
      Soft tears again bedewed my cheeks, and I even raised my humid eyes with thankfulness towards the blessed sun which bestowed such joy upon me.

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