• enPR: bĭgĭn'ĭng, IPA: /bɪˈɡɪn.ɪŋ/


  1. (uncountable) The act of doing that which begins anything; commencement of an action, state, or space of time; entrance into being or upon a course; the first act, effort, or state of a succession of acts or states.
  2. That which is begun; a rudiment or element.
  3. That which begins or originates something; the first cause.
  4. The initial portion of some extended thing.
    The author describes the main character's youth at the beginning of the story.
    That house is at the beginning of the street.
    • 1975, Frances Keinzley, The Cottage at Chapelyard, page 179 ↗,
      "Is anything the matter?" Lady Lindstrom asked anxiously.
      "No," Megan told her. "I'm merely trying to decide where the beginning is."
      "Perhaps at the beginning," the Chief Constable prompted, rather stupidly, Megan thought.
      "Which beginning?" she asked.
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  1. present participle of begin#English|begin
    He is beginning to read a new book.

beginning (not comparable)

  1. (informal) Of or relating to the first portion of some extended thing.
    in the beginning paragraph of the chapter
    in the beginning section of the course

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