• IPA: /bɪˈtaɪm/

betime (betimes, present participle betiming; past and past participle betimed)

  1. (intransitive) To occur; betide.
    c. 1595–1596, W. Shakespere [i.e., William Shakespeare], A Pleasant Conceited Comedie Called, Loues Labors Lost. […] (First Quarto), imprinted in London: By W[illiam] W[hite] for Cut[h]bert Burby, published 1598, OCLC 61366361 ↗, [Act IV, scene iii] ↗:
    Away, away, no time ſhalbe omitted, / That will be time and may by vs be fitted.
Synonyms Adverb

betime (not comparable)

  1. Betimes.

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