• IPA: /bɪˈtoʊ.kən/

betoken (betokens, present participle betokening; past and past participle betokened)

  1. (transitive) To signify by some visible object; show by signs or tokens.
    • 1557: Robert Recorde, The whetstone of witte, whiche is the seconde parte of Arithmetike : containyng the xtraction of Rootes : The Cossike practise, with the rule of Equation : and the workes of Surde Nombers.ʀ ↗, page unknown ↗ (Ihon Kyngstone)
      There be other 2 signes in often use of which the first is made thus + and betokeneth more : the other is thus made – and betokeneth lesse.
  2. (transitive) To foreshow by present signs; indicate something future by that which is seen or known.
    • 1853: Virgil, Charles Anthon, LL.D. [tr.], Æneïd of Virgil: With English Notes, Critical and Explanatory, a Metrical Clavis: And an Historical, Geographical, and Mythological Index, page 474 ↗ (Harper & Brothers, 329 & 331 Pearl Street, Franklin Square, New York)
      “ Ah ! hospitable land, thou (nevertheless) betokenest war,” i. e., although hospitable, thou nevertheless betokenest war. — Bello.

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