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biddy (plural biddies)

  1. (derogatory) A woman, especially an old woman; especially one regarded as fussy or mean or a gossipy busybody.
  2. (uncommon) An attractive girl.
  3. (archaic, colloquial) An Irish maidservant.
  4. (by extension, derogatory) An Irishwoman.
  5. A name used in calling a hen or chicken, often as "biddy-biddy-biddy".
Translations Translations
  • Russian: мила́шка
  • French: petit
  • Russian: цы́па

biddy (plural biddies)

  1. (US) Alternative spelling of bitty

Proper noun
  1. A female given name.
    • 1860/1861, Charles Dickens, Great Expectations
      "Was I absurd?" said Biddy, quietly raising her eyebrows; "I am sorry for that; I didn't mean to be. I only want you to do well, and to be comfortable."
  2. Surname of Scottish origin.

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