• (America) IPA: /baɪˈsɛk.ʃu.əl/


  1. (of humans or other animals) Sexually attracted to both men and women (by a narrow definition) or to people of multiple or any genders (by a broad definition; compare pansexual).
    Synonyms: AC/DC, ambidextrous, bi, omnifutuent
  2. (chiefly, botany) Having both male and female parts or functions.
    1. (botany) Of flowers: having both pollen and seeds.
    2. (botany) Of sporophytes: having both male and female organs.
    3. (botany) Of gametophytes: producing both eggs and sperm.
    4. (botany) Of fungi: producing both the "female" ascogonium and the "male" antheridium.
    5. (rare) Hermaphroditic/intersex, being both male and female, or alternating between being male and being female.
      Midrash and Zohar present Adam as hermaphroditic or bisexual.
      • 2004, Lois Bragg, Oedipus Borealis: The Aberrant Body in Old Icelandic Myth and Saga (ISBN 0838640281):
        To say that Loki is bisexual means that he readily alternates between the male and female sexes, becoming female at will or as needed.
      • 2013, Zainab Bahrani, Women of Babylon: Gender and Representation in Mesopotamia (ISBN 1134601409):
        Among the arguments put forth for Ishtar's hermaphroditic or bisexual character is the practice of transvestism in religious rites associated with her (e.g. Harris 2000: 170; Groneberg 1986: 39).
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bisexual (plural bisexuals)

  1. A person who is bisexual.
    • 1984, Women and deviance, page 63:
      Several chapters are devoted to the investigations of the origins and influences prevalent in the life of a bisexual with the latter portion of the book devoted to three extensive in-depth interviews with three bisexuals.
    Synonyms: bi
    Hypernyms: LGBT
  2. (botany, rare) A plant or fungus, or part thereof, which is bisexual.
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