• (British) IPA: /ˈblækbəɹi/, /ˈblækbɹi/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈblækbeɹi/

blackberry (plural blackberries)

  1. A fruit-bearing shrub of the species Rubus fruticosus and some hybrids.
  2. The soft fruit borne by this shrub, formed of a black (when ripe) cluster of drupelets.
  3. (UK, in some regions) The blackcurrant.
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blackberry (blackberries, present participle blackberrying; past and past participle blackberried)

  1. To gather or forage for blackberry#Noun|blackberries.
    • , Butterflies & coalsmoke (page 62)
      Thereafter we blackberried unceasingly and returned with a large basketful, together with some maggoty windfall apples found neglected in the wet grass on the edge of an orchard and Mrs Clare duly stewed these for us.
    • 1977, Howard Frank Mosher, Disappearances, Mariner Books (2006), ISBN 9780618694068, page 111 ↗:
      My mother and Cordelia were blackberrying along the woods edge of a nearby meadow.
    • 2001, Thomas Keneally, Victim of the Aurora, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2001), ISBN 9780156007337, page 72 ↗:
      My wife and children were blackberrying at the end of the garden and I was simply reading.
    • 2004, Janet Bord, The Traveller's Guide to Fairy Sites: The Landscape and Folklore of Fairyland In England, Wales And Scotland, Gothic Image (2004), ISBN 9780906362648, page 48 ↗:
      Another instance of someone who is blackberrying and sees fairies can be found at Kingheriot Farm (South-West Wales: Pembrokeshire): maybe gathering berries puts the percipient into a relaxed or dissociated frame of mind, more conducive to being able to see things that one would perhaps not normally be able to see.


blackberry (plural BlackBerries)

  1. A wireless handheld device, a cross between a cellphone and a mobile email appliance and Internet-capable PDA, marketed by BlackBerry Ltd.
  • Russian: Блэ́кберри

blackberry (BlackBerries, present participle BlackBerrying; past and past participle BlackBerried)

  1. To send a text message or e-mail with a BlackBerry device.
    • 2007, Kristin Gore, Sammy's Hill, Miramax Books (2007), ISBN 9781401360290, page 219 ↗:
      "I BlackBerried a sort of risque joke message to this friend of mine — it was totally a joke — but, um, I accidentally sent it to two hundred strangers. […]
    • 2009, Colleen DeBaise, The Wall Street Journal: Complete Small Business Guidebook, Three Rivers Press (2009), ISBN 9780307408938, page 205 ↗:
      We've interviewed female entrepreneurs who say they were BlackBerrying up into the final stages of labor; […]
    • 2012, Matthew Zencey, Unlikely Liberal: Sarah Palin's Curious Record as Alaska's Governor, Potomac Books (2012), ISBN 9781612341859, page 144 ↗:
      But Revenue Commissioner Pat Galvin told me she was well known for BlackBerrying during face-to-face meetings.

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