blackcurrant (plural blackcurrants)

  1. Alternative spelling of black currant
    • 1993, R. D. Davidson, 19: The vegetation of Lough Neagh wetlands, R.B. Wood, R.V. Smith (editors), Lough Neagh: The Ecology of a Multipurpose Water Resource, Monographae Biologicae: Volume 69, page 487 ↗,
      Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) and guelder rose (Viburnum opulus) are frequent but alder buckthorn (Frangula alnus) a common constituent of East Anglian carr is very rare.
    • 2003, Maria Villegas, Kay Halsey, Sarah Randell, A Little Taste of France, page 120 ↗,
      Their wines are intense and elegant, tasting of blackcurrants and made to be aged.

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