1828, from French blouse, which see for more.

More at blee, fold.

  • IPA: /blaʊs/, /blaʊz/

blouse (plural blouses)

  1. (fashion, obsolete) A shirt, typically loose and reaching from the neck to the waist.
  2. (fashion) A shirt for women, particularly a shirt with buttons; a dress shirt tailored for women.
  3. (military fashion) A loose-fitting uniform jacket.
  • bodice (also used for undershirts)
Translations Translations
  • Italian: camisaccio
  • Portuguese: blusão
  • Russian: гимнастёрка

blouse (blouses, present participle blousing; past and past participle bloused)

  1. To hang a garment in loose folds.
  2. (military) To tuck one's pants/trousers (into one's boots).
    • 1989, Bernard C. Nalty, Strength for the Fight: A History of Black Americans in the Military, page 311
      An anonymous black soldier summed up his feelings by declaring, "If I fail to blouse my boots, or [if I] wear an Afro, I get socked. […] "
Antonyms Noun

blouse (plural blouses)

  1. Alternative form of blouze
  2. Alternative form of blowess
  3. Alternative form of blowze

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