• (RP) enPR: bôdz, IPA: /bɔːdz/
  • (America) enPR: bôrdz, IPA: /bɔːɹdz/
  • (rhotic, horse-hoarse) enPR: bōrdz, IPA: /bo(ː)ɹdz/
  • (nonrhotic, horse-hoarse) enPR: bōədz, IPA: /boədz/
  1. plural form of board
  2. (informal, with "the") A stage (as in a theater).
  3. Structure around a rink for ice hockey.
  4. (publishing, informal) A hardcover binding on a book.
    His new novel just came out in boards. The paperback will follow in about a year.
  1. Examinations given for entry to college or to qualify for a profession.
Translations Verb
  1. third-person singular form of board

Proper noun
  1. plural form of Board

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