• IPA: /boʊ̯diːˈsʌtvə/, IPA: /boʊ̯diːˈsɑtvə/

bodhisattva (plural bodhisattvas)

  1. (Buddhism) A person who has taken specific lay or monastic vows and who is on the road to perfect knowledge; specifically, one who foregoes personal nirvana in order to help others achieve enlightenment.
  2. (Buddhism) An enlightened being existing in a form of existence beyond the ordinary forms of physical reality understood and acknowledged by scientific thought, resembling the Western notion of angels, but with a wealth of its own nuances and expectations. These include the compassionate working for enlightenment of all sentient beings.
Synonyms Translations
  • French: bodhisattva
  • German: Bodhisattva
  • Portuguese: bodhisattva
  • Russian: бодхиса́ттва
  • Spanish: bodhisattva

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