• (RP) IPA: /ˈbɒ.diˌbɪl.də/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈbɑː.diˌbɪl.dɚ/, [ˈbɑː.ɾiˌbɪɫ.ɾɚ]

bodybuilder (plural bodybuilders)

  1. (bodybuilding) A person who uses diet and exercise to build an aesthetically muscular physique, in order to compete in bodybuilding.
    • 1964 "Muscles are his business", Ebony‎ (Dec.) 20 (2): 148
      Physique of powerful bodybuilder (below) is like piece of sculpture. Buffs strive for the well-rounded body, disdain the professional weightlifter, who merely develops a number of very specialized muscles.
    • 1974 — Charles Gaines & George Butler, Pumping Iron: The Art and Sport of Bodybuilding, ch 2
      Because it is necessary for a muscle to rest while it grows and because of the importance of balanced development, most competitive bodybuilders train on a split routine; they work certain parts of the body one day and rest those muscles the next while they work the others, alternating like that six days a week.
    • 1991 — Samuel Wilson Fussell, Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder, ch 4
      In the competitions, bodybuilders go through "mandatories"—a set of mandatory poses—in the morning, where the judges compare the body parts of the builders.
    Synonyms: builder
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