boiled egg

boiled egg (plural boiled eggs)

  1. An egg which has been cooked in the shell in boiling water. It can be hard-boiled or soft-boiled.
  • French: œuf bouilli
  • German: gekochtes Ei, gesottenes Ei
  • Portuguese: ovo cozido
  • Russian: варёное яйцо́
  • Spanish: huevo cocido
  • French: œuf dur
  • German: hart gekochtes Ei
  • Italian: uovo sodo
  • Portuguese: ovo cozido
  • Russian: яйцо́ вкруту́ю
  • Spanish: huevo hervido, huevo duro
  • French: œuf à la coque
  • German: weich gekochtes Ei
  • Italian: uovo alla coque, uovo bazzotto
  • Portuguese: ovo quente
  • Russian: яйцо́ всмя́тку
  • Spanish: huevo pasado

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