1910s, Tagalog bundok ("mountain"), adopted by American troops, reinforced or re-adopted during World War II. Noun

boondock (plural boondocks)

  1. (always "the boondocks", plural only, in the plural, US) A brushy rural area or location.
    We got lost out in the boondocks, miles from anywhere.
  2. (tiddlywinks) A shot that strikes a squopped wink and sends it flying far away.
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boondock (boondocks, present participle boondocking; past and past participle boondocked)

  1. (US) To camp in a dry brushy location.
  2. (US) To stay in a self-contained recreational vehicle in a remote location, without connections to water, power, or sewer services.
    Traveling in the American southwest, we avoid people by boondocking in the desert.
  3. (tiddlywinks) To strike a squopped wink and send it flying far away.
    • 2002, Peder Jones, ‎Jay Farness, College Writing Skills (page 160)
      The wise winker also engages in boondocking, a defensive strategy. It involves sending an opponent's winks far from the cup.
  • dry camp

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