Pronunciation Noun

boong (plural boongs)

  1. (Australia, slang, ethnic slur) An Australian aboriginal.
    • 2011, Linda Lee Rathbun, Tjuringa, [ unnumbered page],
      “Yeah,” he said, “them boongs are a useless lot. The sooner they all die off, the better.”
      “And why is that?” Bill asked.
      “The Abos are nothing but a pack of boozers. All they wanna' do is get pissed.” The man glared at his beer. “Useless, they are.”
  2. (Australia, slang, dated) A native of New Guinea or Malaysia.
    • 1943, Australian Army, Timor Souvenir, in Khaki and Green: With the Australian Army at Home and Overseas, [ page 119],
      A couple of boongs came down and carried me up to the hut where our R.A.P. corporal was.

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