1. nearly; not clearly on one side or the other of a border or boundary, ambiguous.
    I would rather hire a talented layman than a university graduate with borderline qualifications.
  2. Showing bad taste.
    Your borderline remarks about my aunt's dress destroyed my evening.
  3. Exhibiting borderline personality disorder.
Translations Adverb

borderline (not comparable)

  1. nearly; not entirely but nevertheless to a great extent
    He is borderline hypoglycemic and needs to monitor his sugar intake.
    I expected him to be super boring but he was actually borderline funny!

borderline (plural borderlines)

  1. A boundary or accepted division; a border.
    She lives on the borderline between reality and madness.
  2. An individual who has borderline personality disorder.
    • 1995, Eugene E. Levitt, ‎Edward Earl Gotts, The Clinical Application of MMPI Special Scales (page 80)
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Translations Verb

borderline (borderlines, present participle borderlining; past and past participle borderlined)

  1. (transitive) To border, or border on; to be physically close or conceptually akin to.

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