• (America) IPA: /boʊˈtaɪ/
  • (British) IPA: /bəʊˈtaɪ/

bowtie (plural bowties)

  1. A man's necktie tied in a bow around the throat.
  2. (US) A kind of road intersection. See Bowtie (road).
  • French: nœud papillon, nœud pap' (familiar)
  • German: Fliege
  • Italian: cravattino, cravatta a farfalla
  • Portuguese: gravata de laço (Portugal), gravata borboleta (Brasil)
  • Russian: га́лстук-ба́бочка
  • Spanish: (Chile) corbata de humita, (Venezuela) corbata de lacito, (Mexico) corbata de moño, (Guatemala) corbata de pajarito, (Bolivia) corbata gato, (Peru) corbata michi, (Central America) corbatín, (Puerto Rico) lacito, (Uruguay) moñita, (Argentina) moño, (especially Spain) pajarita

bowtie (not comparable)

  1. Having the shape that the displayed part of a bowtie does when the latter is tied.
    The corkscrew pasta holds the cheese sauce better, but all I had in the cupboard was bowtie pasta.

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