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braze (brazes, present participle brazing; past and past participle brazed)

  1. To join two metal pieces, without melting them, using heat and diffusion of a jointing alloy of capillary thickness.
  2. (obsolete) To burn or temper in fire.
  • French: braser
  • Russian: припаивать

braze (plural brazes)

  1. A kind of small charcoal used for roasting ore.
    • 1877, Charles P. Williams, Industrial Report on Lead, Zinc and Iron, Together with Notes on Shannon County and Its Copper Deposits, Regan & Carter, page 144 ↗:
      Roasting the ores is done with the charcoal braze (or fine charcoal from the charring) in heaps of thirty feet width, fifty-feet length and twenty feet height, containing 3,200 tons.

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