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brow (plural brows)

  1. The ridge over the eyes; the eyebrow.
    • c. 1599, William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act III Scene v:
      'Tis not your inky brows, your black silk hair, / Your bugle eyeballs, nor your cheek of cream / That can entame my spirits to your worship.
    • And his arched brow, pulled o'er his eyes, / With solemn proof proclaims him wise.
  2. The first tine of an antler's beam.
  3. The forehead.
    • c. 1597, William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 1, Act II Scene iii:
      Thy spirit within thee hath been so at war,
      And thus hath so bestirr'd thee in thy sleep,
      That beads of sweat have stood upon thy brow
      Like bubbles in a late-disturb'd stream, […]
  4. The projecting upper edge of a steep place such as a hill.
    the brow of a precipice
  5. (mining) A gallery in a coal mine running across the face of the coal.
  6. (figurative) Aspect; appearance.
  7. (nautical) The gangway from ship to shore when a ship is lying alongside a quay.
  8. (nautical) The hinged part of a landing craft or ferry which is lowered to form a landing platform; a ramp.
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  • Italian: passerella da sbarco
  • Russian: трап
  • Italian: passerella da sbarco

brow (brows, present participle browing; past and past participle browed)

  1. To bound or limit; to be at, or form, the edge of.
    • 1634, John Milton, Comus
      Tending my flocks hard by i' the hilly crofts / That brow this bottom glade.

Proper noun
  1. Surname

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