• (GA) IPA: /ˈbʊldɔɡ/
  • (RP) IPA: /ˈbʊldɒɡ/
  • (CA, cot-caught) IPA: /ˈbʊldɑɡ/

bulldog (plural bulldogs)

  1. A breed of dog developed in England by the crossing of the bullbaiting dog and the Pug to produce a ladies companion dog. Having a very smooth coat, a flattened face, wrinkly cheeks, powerful front legs and smaller hind legs.
  2. British bulldog
  3. A stubborn person.
  4. A refractory material used as a furnace lining, obtained by calcining the cinder or slag from the puddling furnace of a rolling mill.
  5. (UK, Oxford University slang) One of the proctors' officers.
  6. (pro wrestling) Any move in which the wrestler grabs an opponent's head and jumps forward, so that the wrestler lands, often in a sitting position, and drives the opponent's face into the mat.
  7. (US, publishing) A bulldog edition.
    • 1940, Citizen Kane (film)
      The bulldog's just gone to press.
Synonyms Translations Related terms
  • bull-bitch
  • bull-pup

bulldog (bulldogs, present participle bulldogging; past and past participle bulldogged)

  1. (transitive) To chase (a steer) on horseback and wrestle it to the ground by twisting its horns (as a rodeo performance).

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