• IPA: /ˈbʊlʃɪt/

bullshit (uncountable)

  1. (literally) The faeces of a bull.
  2. (vulgar, slang) False or exaggerated statements made to impress and deceive the listener rather than inform; nonsense.
    Don't pay any attention to him. He talks a lot of bullshit.
  3. (rhetoric) Statements that may be true but misleading nonetheless.
  4. (vulgar, slang) A card game in which the object is to bluff about cards laid down and to determine when one's opponents are bluffing; also known as "BS", "Cheat" or "I Doubt It".
    Anyone want to play a few hands of bullshit?
  5. (vulgar, slang) An object of frustration and/or disgust, often caused by a perceived deception.
    That's total bullshit! I called your office and they said you never came in!
  6. (philosophy) Statements made without any particular reference to their truth value.
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  • French: n’importe quoi
  • Portuguese: palhaçada
  • Russian: пиздёж


  1. (vulgar, slang) Absurd, irrational, or nonsensical. Most often said of speech, information, or content.
    That's the most bullshit excuse I've ever heard.
    bulllshit jobs

bullshit (bullshits, present participle bullshitting; past and past participle bullshitted)

  1. (ambitransitive, vulgar, slang) To tell lies, exaggerate; to mislead; to deceive.
    I think you're bullshitting. Let’s just call your office and see if you even came in.
    You’re bullshitting me. I called your office and you never even came in.
  2. (intransitive, vulgar, slang) To have casual conversation with no real point; to shoot the breeze
    I will probably just go and bullshit with Joe for awhile.
  3. (intransitive, vulgar, slang) To come up with on the spot, to improvise poorly.
    We just went on stage and bullshitted the whole concert because we didn't know any songs.
  • (all senses) crap (Indian English)
  • French: (please verify) dire#French|dire des conneries, exagérer, baratiner
  • Italian: dire cazzate
  • Portuguese: enganar
  • Russian: пизде́ть
  • Spanish: mentir, fanfarronear
Translations Interjection
  1. (vulgar, slang) An expression of disbelief or doubt at what one has just heard.
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