button up

button up

  1. (transitive) To fasten with a button or buttons.
    Button up your shirt cuff. It has come undone
  2. (intransitive) To fasten all the buttons on a coat, or similar item of clothing, to keep warm.
    Button up well. It's freezing outside today.
  3. (ambitransitive) to conclude; to finalize; to put the finishing touches (on)
    It's time to button up the meeting.
  4. Alternative form of button up one's lip.
    He needs to button up.
  5. (US, military, slang, transitive, ergative) To seal off (a military facility).
    • 1996, Airman (volume 40, page 6)
      Once buttoned up, NORAD's operation center can survive for more than 30 days without aid from the outside world.
    • 2000, Bonnie Ramthun, Ground Zero (page 6)
      He turned a key. NORAD buttoned up. The outside lights, flashing for half an hour now in warning of a simulated attack, stopped. Whoever was inside would stay inside. Whoever was outside would not be able to get in […]
  • Russian: застёгивать
  • Spanish: abotonar
  • Russian: застёгиваться
  • Spanish: abrocharse

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