• IPA: /kæˈʃeɪ/, /ˈkæʃ.eɪ/


  1. (archaic) A seal, as of a letter.
  2. (figurative) A special characteristic or quality; prestige.
    Synonyms: charm, je ne sais quoi, magic touch, oomph, zing
    I remember when this diner was a quiet hangout, but lately it seems to be losing its cachet.
    • 2010, Peter H. Gleick, Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water, unnumbered page ↗,
      This class of bottled water dominates the U.S. market and consumers seem to prefer the cachet of spring water to processed municipal waters.
  3. (philately) A commemorative stamped design or inscription on an envelope, other than a cancellation or pre-printed postage.
  4. A sealed envelope containing an item whose price is being negotiated.
    • 2011, Alicia Oltuski, Precious Objects: A Story of Diamonds, Family, and a Way of Life, page 47 ↗,
      The most romantic rite of bargaining is the cachet; even its name suggests a thrilling secrecy. The cachet is used when a broker negotiates the sale of a diamond.
  5. (medicine) A capsule containing a pharmaceutical preparation.
    • 1907, Pharmaceutical Journal, Volume 79, page 101 ↗,
      In order to facilitate taking by the patient, powders are often ordered to be dispensed in cachets.
    • 1915, American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record, Volume 63, page 237 ↗,
      One cachet on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, a second in one and a half hours, a third in one hour afterwards, and a fourth two hours later.
  6. A hidden location from which one can observe birds while remaining unseen.
    • 1901, Henry Seebohm, The Birds of Siberia, 2011, page 81 ↗,
      On my way back to my cachet I met another party of reed-buntings, one of which I bagged; then I sat in my hiding-place for an hour, waiting for geese that never came within range.
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  • German: Gütesiegel
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cachet (cachets, present participle cacheting; past and past participle cacheted)

  1. (transitive, philately) To mark (an envelope) with a commemorative stamped design or inscription.

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