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  1. A plant with simple stems, like bamboo or sugar cane, or the stem thereof
    1. (uncountable) The slender, flexible main stem of a plant such as bamboo, including many species in the grass family Gramineae
      Synonyms: stem, stalk, trunk
    2. (uncountable) The plant itself, including many species in the grass family Gramineae; a reed
      Synonyms: reed
    3. (uncountable) Sugar cane
      Synonyms: molasses cane
    4. (US, Southern) Maize or, rarely, sorghum, when such plants are processed to make molasses (treacle) or sugar
  2. The stem of such a plant adapted for use as a tool
    1. (countable) A short rod or stick, traditionally of wood or bamboo, used for corporal punishment.
      Synonyms: rod, switch
    2. (uncountable) Corporal punishment by beating with a cane.
      The teacher gave his student the cane for throwing paper.
      Synonyms: the cane, a caning, six of the best, whipping, cuts
    3. A lance or dart made of cane
      • Judgelike thou sitt'st, to praise or to arraign / The flying skirmish of the darted cane.
  3. a rod-shaped tool or device, somewhat like a cane
    1. (countable) A strong short staff used for support or decoration during walking; a walking stick
      After breaking his leg, he needed a cane to walk.
      Synonyms: staff, walking stick
    2. (countable, glassblowing) A length of colored and/or patterned glass rod, used in the specific glassblowing technique called caneworking
    3. (countable) A long rod often collapsible and commonly white (for visibility to other persons), used by vision impaired persons for guidance in determining their course and for probing for obstacles in their path
      Synonyms: blind man's cane, white cane
  4. (uncountable) Split rattan, as used in wickerwork, basketry and the like
  5. A local European measure of length; the canna.
Translations Translations Translations Translations
  • French: bastonnade
  • Italian: bastonata
  • Portuguese: chibateamento
  • Russian: уда́р ро́згами
  • French: canne, canne blanche
  • German: Blindenstock, weisser Langstock
  • Italian: bastone per ciechi
  • Portuguese: bengala
  • Russian: трость
  • Spanish: bastón, bastón blanco

cane (canes, present participle caning; past and past participle caned)

  1. to strike or beat with a cane or similar implement
  2. (British, New Zealand, slang) to destroy; to comprehensively defeat
    Mudchester Rovers were caned 10-0.
  3. (British, New Zealand, slang) to do something well, in a competent fashion
  4. (UK, slang, intransitive) to produce extreme pain
    Don't hit me with that. It really canes!
    Mate, my legs cane!
  5. (transitive) To make or furnish with cane or rattan.
    to cane chairs
Proper noun
  1. (linguistics) Abbreviation of Canadian English#English|Canadian English.
Proper noun
  1. Surname

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